Nous vous présentons sur cette page tous les éleveurs reconnus officiellement par Mark Klemperer.


We present to you on this page all breeders officially recognized by Mark Klemperer.

Mark Klemperer / Wild cat canyon ranch


Hi, I'm Mark Klemperer, the owner of Wildcat Canyon Ranch. I have always had a very strong interest in
animals of all kinds and the  wild places that they come from. My interests have led me to some very exotic
places such as the bayous of South Louisiana where I worked with green anoles and gulf killifish and
Tsavo East National Park in Kenya where I assisted with research on African Elephants during my graduate
work in Zoology at Louisiana State University. My interests have led me on a wonderful, educational
journey and I have learned a lot along the way, but I am still acquiring knowledge as I go. There is always
something new to learn when you work with animals!
  These days I Teach biology to teenagers here in Southern California and work with animals on the ranch. 
Although I love breeding and raising many species of domesticated animals and exotic birds, my true
passion is working on long term, selective breeding programs that allow me to breed some very exotic,
wild looking, wild x domestic hybrid animals with companion animal temperaments. I've been working with
many kinds of animals since I was a young kid in the 1960's  and I've been selectively breeding hybrid
animals for over 22 years now!

La Légende du Loup Céleste


Avec près de 5 ans d'expérience avec les chien loup tchécoslovaque, je souhaitais travailler avec une race encore plus lupoïde c'est alors que j'ai connu le northaid et que Tanka et Shy'm sont arrivés à la maison il y a 8 ans maintenant.

Puis la meute c'est aggrandie avec Tokaé et Wakanda 


En 2018, j'ai créé la lignée du chien amérindien. De futurs éleveurs  produiront des chiots de qualité d'ici 2021, suivant ma philosophie de l'elevage et en adopatnt mes techniques de travail. 

mail : repulles.veronique@gmail.com

tel :


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